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Making Dreams Come True

Have you ever walked into an affair that was so breathtaking you wished you could have brought your closest friends along to share the amazing times that was certainly ahead? As soon as you hit a room, the colour, the sound and energy captures you...That’s swank!  And our clients will tell you: that is the feeling you’ll find a Swanky Affair.

Turning a Vision into Reality

Swanky Affair has become one of the leading Wedding & Event design companies in Southern Ontario.  Our goal is to create jaw dropping events and to ensure you are never receiving a generic wedding/event on your special day.  Our exceptional high standards & trend setting designs is what sets us apart from our competitors


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Jodie  is an expert with over 10 years of experience, in creating and executing your vision to the finest detail.  Founder of Windsor’s most stylish & Innovative wedding and event design company, we have the resources, creativity and technical ability to provide complete event design service in any venue.  Specializing in trend setting designs, we are always “the first” to bring in new ideas, from trade shows and seminars around the world, we can custom tailor your event to provide any atmostphere that one can imagine.

Jodie McKnight

Owner / Creative designer

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